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We turn market unpredictability into a strategic advantage for home builders, enabling them to navigate and capitalize on the ever-changing market dynamics with a 90 day forecast of their demand

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Why Home Builders Use OpenPredict:

  • Forecast with Confidence: Navigate market shifts with precise 90-day demand forecasts.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Leverage AI insights for optimized marketing and project planning.
  • Reduce Risk, Increase Opportunity: Mitigate volatility risks while capitalizing on market upturns.

Onboarding has never been so simple

Pre-configured ERP and CRM Integrations

We’ve done the heavy lifting by integrating OpenPredict directly into your existing ERP and CRM systems. Your team won’t spend time on technical setups; instead, they’ll immediately start reaping the benefits of advanced market forecasts.

Automated Data Handling

OpenPredict seamlessly pulls necessary data, generates accurate market predictions, and delivers them directly to your dashboard. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to instant insights.

Insights Calls

Alongside the automated reports, our team provides monthly calls to ensure you’re getting the most out of OpenPredict. These sessions offer tailored advice, helping you interpret the data and make informed strategic decisions.

Dedicated Support

From the moment you decide to onboard OpenPredict, you’ll have access to our dedicated support team. We’re here to guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate integration into your daily operations.

Is OpenPredict Right for Your Business?

Unlock the Full Potential of Predictive Analytics

OpenPredict is designed for forward-thinking home builders committed to leveraging data to navigate market dynamics confidently. Our advanced AI-driven forecasting becomes more powerful with the rich data that comes from larger-scale operations.

Ideal Partner Profile

Robust Operations

Best suited for home builders constructing at least 200 homes annually. This ensures a wealth of data, enabling more accurate and impactful market predictions.


Organizations that are proactive in using data to drive their strategic decisions will find OpenPredict especially beneficial.

Commitment to Innovation

Ideal for teams ready to embrace AI technology to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

Why Scale Matters

For optimal accuracy, OpenPredict thrives on ample data. Builders who sell over 200 homes unlock precise forecasts, supporting refining operations and market strategies effectively.

Why Innovation Matters

OpenPredict powers the ability for exponential change. Harenssing OpenPredict, means making big decisions. We think you are ready!

Trico's Game-Changing Strategy

How one visionary company is using AI to navigate the home building market with unprecedented precision.

In the dynamic realm of home building, Trico Homes stands apart as a visionary, charting a course towards a future where market unpredictability is not a challenge but an opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs reflect common queries from proactive home builders keen on enhancing their operations. Intrigued? A conversation with our sales team can reveal how OpenPredict transforms your strategy. Book a call to uncover more.

OpenPredict utilizes AI to provide precise sales forecasts 90 days ahead, helping builders optimize operations and pricing strategies. For detailed insights on integrating AI for growth, contact our sales team.

Builders constructing over 200 homes annually benefit most from OpenPredict’s data-driven forecasts. To see how OpenPredict can transform your forecasting approach, reach out to our sales team.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing ERP and CRM systems, simplifying the onboarding process. Learn more about our straightforward technology adoption by speaking with our sales team.

OpenPredict is uniquely tailored for the homebuilding industry, offering AI-powered predictions that outperform generic market forecasts. Discover the OpenPredict advantage by connecting with our sales team.

Starting with OpenPredict is easy and tailored to fit your business needs. For a seamless integration and to explore how OpenPredict can elevate your business, contact our sales experts.