Trico's Game-Changing Strategy

How one visionary company is using AI to navigate the home building market with unprecedented precision.

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Predicting the Future of Home Building: Trico's Game-Changing Strategy

How one visionary company is using AI to navigate the home building market with unprecedented precision

Trico Homes is a prominent homebuilder in the Calgary area since 1992, with a proud history of constructing over 12,500 single and multi-family homes. Trico is dedicated to innovation, continually improving our processes, and fulfilling our promises to homeowners, the community, and each other. Recognized as an industry leader, Trico is honoured as one of Canada’s Platinum 50 Best Managed Companies, a ten-time recipient of Canada’s 50 Best Workplaces, and a two-time Best for the World Honouree.

In the dynamic realm of home building, Trico Homes stands apart as a visionary, charting a course towards a future where market unpredictability is not a challenge but an opportunity. With a keen eye on innovation and a partnership with, Trico is pioneering the use of AI-driven predictive analytics to secure its position at the forefront of industry leadership.

The Hypothesis

There was a belief at Trico that equipping their team with OpenPredict could usher in a new era of strategic decision-making. By harnessing the power of AI to forecast market demand with precision, Trico aimed to transform its approach to:

Sales strategy

Inventory Management

Customer engagement

ensuring that every decision was informed by actionable insights.

Our Transformation

The implementation of OpenPredict has been very promising for Trico Homes. Early insights into market trends have not only empowered Trico to navigate the volatile landscape with agility but have also redefined the parameters of success in home building. Predictive analytics has allowed Trico to proactively adjust its strategies, ensuring that the company not only meets but exceeds its operational and sales targets.

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Saved 30 Days in previous 6 months

Reduced Office Time

Looking Ahead: "The Future"

Trico Homes, supported by’s predictive analytics, is not merely building houses; it’s constructing the future of home building—a future where data drives decisions, and innovation leads the way. This journey is about more than just adaptation; it’s about setting new benchmarks and leading the industry into uncharted territories.

Setting new

Leading the

the future of
home building

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Imagine the possibilities when the future is not a mystery but a canvas for strategic creativity. Explore the impact of predictive analytics with and begin charting your course today.