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At OpenHouse.ai, we’re not just changing the game; we’re elevating it. Our suite of AI-powered products – OpenPredict, OpenConnect, and OpenFlow – integrates seamlessly with your operations, bringing unparalleled insights, enhanced connections, and smarter optimizations to home builders across North America.

Our Products

Market Mastery at Your Fingertips

Why Builders Work with Us:

A 90 day prediction report of your market demand

Increase end of year profits? Decrease procurement costs? You decide

Your data remains yours. We empower you with insights without taking away your control.

Plug and Play in 3 Weeks

OpenConnect: Your Direct Path to High-Intent Buyers

Key Differentiators:

Transforms your digital experience from a maze of options to a guided journey towards the dream home.

Make customers feel heard, connect like never before

Engages leads with precision, ensuring high intent buyers are connected directly to your sales team.

Reduce Sales Cycle Time by 30%

The Blueprint for “Even Flow”

Key Differentiators:

Achieve and maintain the homebuilding industry’s holy grail of production optimization.

Innovative approaches for possession time reduction and cost-saving strategies.

Production optimization, cost of sales reduction, strategic planning.

OpenFlow tightens project timelines by leveraging precise analytics to anticipate and reduce bottlenecks, ensuring homes move from blueprint to completion faster and more reliably.

Why Choose

With OpenHouse.ai, you’re not just investing in technology; you’re embracing a partner dedicated to propelling your business into the future. Our AI-driven solutions are crafted specifically for home builders aiming to exceed the traditional limits of the market. By predicting trends, connecting with genuine buyers, and optimizing production, we ensure your projects not only meet but surpass industry standards.

Our Vision

We believe AI is here to empower humans, to drive productivity and in turn exponential business outcomes. We see AI bringing out the best in us, driving the most value we can give both professionally and personally.

Our AI Ethics

We believe we are here to build technology to empower humans. Read more about our Ethics here.

Ready to Transform Your Home Building Experience?

Discover how our AI-driven solutions can elevate your projects from ground-breaking to awe-inspiring. Contact us today for a demo, sign up for our insightful webinars, or download our comprehensive case studies to see OpenHouse.ai in action.

Final Thoughts

Our aim is to ensure that every visitor leaves the OpenHouse product landing page not just informed about what we offer but excited about the possibilities. By marrying detailed, solution-oriented content with strategic SEO practices and engaging visual elements, we set the stage for a compelling narrative that draws in home builders ready to embrace AI’s transformative power in their businesses.

Hear from Our
Home Builders

"They have taken the time to deeply research builder business needs.They are transforming the homebuying and homebuilding process and we are proud to partner with them and bring innovation to our market."

Lindsay McGregor,
COO, Hopewell

"OpenHouse and a human touch allows us to connect with our buyers on a deeper level, understanding their preferences and guiding them through the home buying process more effectively."

Bailey Neil,
Founder, Legacy South

"I can trust OpenHouse.ai and their team to create the best digital shopping experience for my customers."

Delia Teo,
Pacesetter Homes