OpenHouse offers dynamic, tailored pricing to match your unique homebuilding journey.


Tailored Pricing for Every Builder's Journey

At OpenHouse, we recognize the unique path of each home builder. Our pricing adapts to your business size, technological readiness, and ambition for growth. Dive into a world where predictive analytics, lead enrichment, and operational efficiency align with your vision for success.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Our solutions thrive alongside innovators and leaders in the home building industry. If your operation is data-informed, technology-driven, and poised for growth, you’re ready for the OpenHouse advantage.


For visionaries aiming for 200+ homes annually, with integrated CRM/ERP systems


For engagers building 80+ homes a year, attracting 3,000+ website visitors, and generating 50+ leads monthly.


For changemakers exceeding the combined qualifications of OpenPredict and OpenConnect, ready to transform operations.

Your Journey to Personalized Pricing

Embark on a consultative journey with us. Share your ambitions and let’s sculpt a pricing plan that mirrors your goals. From discovery to a customized proposzal, your growth is our blueprint.




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