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As the world continues to catapult into the digital age, optimizing your online presence is critical to succeed. For homebuilders, this entails leveraging your website as one of your greatest digital assets. As 95% of homebuyers use the internet to look for homes, your website is a significant opportunity to boost sales appointments. Your website is the ideal platform to showcase your portfolio and establish your versatility as a homebuilder. So, in order to put your best foot forward, it is essential to have high quality image galleries or better yet,virtual tours or interactive floor plans to create a powerful web experience. The creation of a dynamic website will greatly support your organization’s goals; however, the question remains: is an eye-catching website really enough to help book more sales appointments online?

Due to the fierce competition, a rapidly changing market, and specific needs per individual customer, homebuilders need more sophisticated digital tools and tactics to optimize their website, and ultimately book more sales appointments. At we work closely with homebuilders to create a superior web experience for their clients, resulting in a higher percentage of leads converted. In this article, we dive into how builders can leverage their website to support their sales team in booking more appointments and ultimately sell more homes!


Let’s go back to the basics for a moment: call to actions need to be loud and clear. Remember, you want to make this as easy as possible for your prospects to increase the likelihood of them clicking through. For this reason, pop-up call-to-actions are highly effective. However, just as an overexposure to digital ads has made them easy to ignore, users online are also ignoring CTAs. Homebuilders can combat this by creating accurately timed CTAs to ensure the highest likelihood of conversion. It is critical for you to understand the customer journey through your website to send the right message at the right time. AI-powered platforms like allow you to follow your customer’s path to purchase to understand a homebuyer’s stage of life, motivations, and needs. The AI technology learns with each click as your prospect travels through your website, and views different floorplans. Once it is clear through their interactions with your site that they have shown interest in your business, the AI technology will automate the appropriate call to action. Timing is everything, and with the integration of AI technology, your website visitors will be presented CTAs when they are ready to learn more, receive a pricing quote or book that sales appointment!


Timely CTA’s and nudges go hand in hand. Nudge marketing is the process of designing choices and communicating marketing messages that encourage a specific behavior for the decision maker. Although this is a sophisticated and psychologically driven strategy, nudges are made easy by implementing AI technology into your website. Ultimately, machine learning algorithms will understand the patterns found in visitor’s interactions with your website. Eventually, the algorithms will be trained to make predictions of what each homebuyer would prefer and nudge them in the right direction. The use of data-driven nudges will ultimately help to understand, build and nurture customer relationships. When homebuilders utilize customer data and AI technology to better understand their buyers, an increase in sales appointments will be quick to follow!


A chatbot is a computer program that mimics human conversations in the form of text or speech using artificial intelligence. Sounds crazy, but this technology is programmed to resolve queries and hold communications with your customers almost instantly. If your website is lacking engagement, chatbots are an effective and scalable way to reach out to potential homebuyers and allow them to feel supported in their buying journey, right from the start. Homebuilders can leverage this technology as a tool to instantly nurture leads, address any initial concerns, and remove early reservations that may have stopped potential buyers from booking a sales appointment! This AI technology is designed to complement your existing channels and initiatives, allowing you to scale efforts without the need of additional staff. These chatbots work 24/7 to answer prospective buyer questions, collect valuable information and assist them along their journey, allowing your team to focus on nurturing them in the final stages of the decision-making process and close more sales!


Every homebuyer is unique, and with the data and tools that are accessible in today’s market every individual should have a web experience tailored to their preferences and needs. Website personalization is the practice of building a customized website experience for each visitor that comes to your page. Rather than displaying a single, one size fits all experience, a personalized website displays a unique view based on a visitor’s characteristics. Once you have collected your data, either from your site or a third-party service, it is easy for your marketing and sales functions to design an experience that makes your potential client feel understood. Due to consumers viewing content they deem valuable, bounce rates are lower, and visitors are likely to engage with the site more. As the competition within the digital space continues to grow, it is essential for homebuilders to create memorable online experiences for potential buyers by setting your organization apart via website personalization. Businesses that do so see an average sales increase of 19%. It is critical for homebuilders to optimize their online presence by creating meaningful connections with visitors, to ultimately convert more leads and boost online bookings for sales appointments.


A personalized website and customized recommendations go hand in hand when it comes to optimizing your visitor’s website experience. To fully capitalize on the benefits of website personalization, you must provide relevant content which ultimately comes in the form of customized recommendations. It is essential to utilize your collected data to personalize their experience by showing visitors products and floorplans that are fresh and relevant to best fit their life stage. Google is an excellent example to demonstrate this type of technology. The search engine generates precise data based on a user’s browsing history, takes note of their individual behavior and systematically shows content to match their preferences. Although this technology has made its way into countless industries, it is slow to reach the homebuilders. utilizes real-time behavioral data and sophisticated AI technology to personalize your website experience for viewers. Your website learns and grows with every interaction, organically narrowing down homebuyers search to homes in the price range, style and communities they want. These customized recommendations will accelerate the online sales process, and lead to more conversions.


At we believe it’s time for homebuilders to get personal with their buyers. Through the use of AI-technology, homebuilders can better reach shoppers with offers tailored to their individual preferences based on their behavior and interactions with your website. Today’s homebuyers expect an abundance of information and an easy experience. Through utilizing today’s modern technologies this can become a reality for your business; simultaneously creating a customer-centric online experience and boosting your sales. By utilizing your data and leveraging AI-technology, you are able to personalize your website, customize recommendations and ultimately accelerate the sales process. By elevating your website, you can leverage your website as your greatest digital asset ultimately supporting your main endeavour: to sell more homes.

– The Team

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