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The transition towards digital is only accelerating, and as your trusted technology partner we want to support you in forging this digital future. At we are constantly exploring new technologies and staying current with industry trends that are ultimately contributing to the digitization of this industry. We are passionate about integrating with all of the latest and greatest technologies that will optimize your business functions. Our robust platform will smoothly integrate with your existing functions including your preferred CRM, accounting software and more revolutionary technologies in homebuilding… like interactive floorplans.

A picture is worth 1000 words, but what about an image you could adjust, customize and personalize? Interactive floor plans (IFP) enable homebuilders to showcase home designs and floor plans that will best fit the needs and wants of each homebuyer. This technology allows builders to present floor plans in a visual way that ultimately allows viewers the opportunity to envision their life in each home.

So, why is it important for homebuilders to begin adopting new technology, such as IFPs? Well, as the world and the upcoming generations are increasingly “digital,” potential buyers are becoming less willing to make the trek to see your sales centre, unless they are almost certain they are going to purchase. Just as homebuyers’ expectations of features inside their homes are increasing, as are their expectations for their online shopping experience. This is where interactive floor plans come into play. Many homebuilders offer several different floor plans with a variety of add-on features. Elements such as a covered porch, or three-car garage can be difficult for homebuyers to envision, but with the power of IFPs, homebuyers are empowered to envision your floor plans as their potential home. Homebuilders that are integrating IFPs into their website will increase engagement, likelihood of purchase and ultimately nurture the emotional connection between buyers and their future home much earlier.


Interactive content is significantly more engaging for all viewers of any given website, so why should homebuiler’s site be any different? Interactive floor plans are the ideal tactic to integrate engaging content that allows potential buyers to interact with your home designs. Alpha Vision, a popular provider of interactive floor plans claim that these highly engaging, and customizable viewing experiences will lead to viewers staying on your website five times longer than if you were to only offer static images. These interactive floor plans will prequalify the homebuyers who decide to visit, ultimately resulting in more efficient sales. Therefore, the increase in accessibility, and increased engagement with the content means that users will typically convert to active prospects at a higher rate than if they were to view static plans.


Buying a home is an emotional decision. Interactive floor plans have the power of nurturing an emotional connection much earlier in the process as buyers can better envision the transformation of floorplans into their dream home. The customization capabilities empower homebuyers to envision the changes they want and create a house that feels like a home. These interactive floor plans “draw a picture” to help simplify and present floorplans in a visual way that is easier for individuals to digest instead of an unfamiliar and complex blueprint. This technology empowers homebuyers to envision themselves living in your floor plan, with the ability to customize structural options and even begin planning their furniture selection to turn their house into a home.


The latest and greatest technologies are becoming increasingly accessible and affordable. Providers of interactive floor plan technology such as BDX, Alpha Vision, and guarantee swift and seamless integration with your existing platforms. It is essential to select a provider that will optimize your website, and lead to increased SEO. At we are passionate about digitizing the homebuilding industry, and that means leveraging the exciting new technology that will elevate the home buying experience for your customers. It is for that reason, that we are constantly improving and optimizing our platform to ensure your website is best equipped with revolutionary technology such as interactive floor plans.


Outhouse is a powerful technology provider with the common goal of improving the homebuying experience. Through its many product offerings including their interactive floor plans, this organization is a powerhouse in demonstrating the value of technology in homebuilding. Outhouse’s interactive floor plans enable homebuilders to customize, personalize and envision their lives in their new dream home. This current technology is in line with our vision at, to empower the decision-making process for homebuilders and homebuyers through the use of technology. As your trusted technology partner, we are passionate about helping you remain current in this digital world. To do so, we are constantly improving our platform to integrate with the newest technologies available in the industry to empower you to digitize and optimize your business, with the common goal of bringing a superior customer experience for homebuyers everywhere.

Put simply, data is power. At, our AI-powered  solution provides powerful and meaningful insights with our robust analytics and detailed demographics to ensure homebuilders and their marketers are effectively and accurately targeting each segment. By tracking customer’s real time behavioural patterns in conjunction with industry data, our technology  predicts the likelihood of purchase, amenity and location preferences and desired price for each potential buyer. We empower homebuilders to make bold decisions through the use of data, and ultimately encourage the exploration of revolutionary technology; elevating this industry and enabling homebuilders to excel in today’s digital environment.

– The Team

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