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The infamous question all marketers in every industry must face: how do we convert more leads? Within the homebuilding industry, this proves an even bigger challenge. The most effective way to increase conversion is through utilizing an effective call to action strategy. Let’s back up for a moment. A call to action (CTA) is an image, line of text, or button on your website that prompts a user to take some type of action. Throughout this blog post, we are going to highlight some high-level CTA strategies as well as tips and tricks on how to execute them most effectively.

Some popular CTAs for homebuilders include:

  • Contact Us
  • Call Us
  • Request Information
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Request Pricing
  • Chat Now
  • Sign Up for our Newsletter

Make your CTAs Stand Out- First things first, it is essential to make your CTAs loud and clear! The message should be short and direct, just like the examples listed above. The CTA buttons should stand out in terms of color from the rest of the webpage ultimately inviting visitors to click. Bright colours will draw attention to your CTAs and improve your clickthrough rates.

Quantity Matters- In terms of CTAs, quantity is crucial. However each web page serves different functions, and some pages will need more CTAs than others. The allocation of different CTAs per page is also an effective way to combat visitors who are wary of multiple CTAs. For example, your homepage will likely have multiple CTAs because it serves as your visitors first introduction with your company and brand. Offering multiple CTAs throughout your page for each listing or home design will increase the likelihood that a visitor will engage with your site and provide their contact information.

Integrate your CRM- In regard to optimal functionality, it is essential to have all clicks and calls from your website flow automatically into your CRM system. An efficient system enables your most qualified salespeople to reach out to the right leads at the right time.  For simplicity, it is recommended that one member of your team is dedicated to follow-up with each CTA. This individual can focus their resources on nurturing incoming prospects and converting them to appointments for your sales team.

Humanize your CTAs- Another unique tip for CTAs in the homebuilding industry is the inclusion of a headshot of the individual who you will be in contact with. For example, it’s much more impactful for visitors of your website to see a face associated with the name behind that “Contact Us” button. Mike Lyon from Do You Convert claims people simply respond better when seeing a human face. This is a good way to start building a relationship with your prospect at the beginning of their customer journey.

Timing is Key – Also, a good trick is to utilize pop-up CTAs on the page as users scroll through. This idea goes hand in hand with making things as easy as possible for your user. However, it is important to ensure that these pop-up CTAs are engaged at the appropriate time, otherwise you could risk customers bouncing away from your site.

Limit the Ask of your CTAs- Another important trick is to limit the required info on forms. No one likes having to fill out countless boxes to simply receive a newsletter. The most basic and required information is first name, last name, and email address; however, it is recommended to include the phone number as a suggested field, but don’t make it mandatory. As you engage with these prospects and they become more qualified leads you can start to build out additional information on their customer profile.  

Make your CTAs Engaging- Video is a sure-fire way to build engagement. When a video is used next to a CTA, viewers are significantly more likely to engage with your button. Mike Lyon from Do You Convert states that doing so is proven to increase submission rates of contact forms for homebuilders when utilizing this strategy. These videos should be short and simple and provide the opportunity to feature your sales team, introduce themselves and what they do, as well as vocalize their eagerness to help customers.

The Importance of Mobile- Never forget to optimize mobile. Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide approximately half of web traffic world wide. It is critical that users have a positive experience on mobile especially for CTAs. So when you are optimizing your website for mobile, ensure your CTAs are equally as engaging on mobile as they are on your desktop version.

It is clear that CTAs are a critical part of your website as it is the bridge between visitor and lead. Each component of your CTA such as the copy, colour or placement all have an impact. In order to determine the most effective CTAs, it is recommended to complete A/B testing to maximize your opportunities for conversions. For more details on how to conduct effective testing of your CTAs, HubSpot provides insight on how to conduct A/B testing.

In homebuilding, or any industry for that matter, CTAs are critical in converting leads. It is essential to be direct, personalized, simple, and eye-catching. Understanding your audience and creating a personalized CTA is what fuels curiosity and sparks conversations with your leads. These tips and tricks to improve or create your CTAs will help you better connect with your customers, and ultimately drive more sales.

– The team

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