6 Steps on the Path to Content Marketing

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The term content marketing has been thrown around for years, but what exactly does this mean for homebuilders? How does content marketing fit into your overall strategy? Put simply, content marketing is used to organically improve your website SEO, bring attention to your overall brand, and helps establish trust with your clients. The Content Marketing Institute outlines the three main marketing goals surrounding content marketing as: creating brand awareness (84%), educating audiences (75%) and building credibility (65%).

Consistent, high-quality, and engaging content helps influence conversions and is a cost-effective way to bring in leads. According to Dragon Search Marketing, 61% of consumers are influenced by custom content. Therefore, if your audience is able to take away some valuable insight or information from the content you create, there is a greater likelihood that they will look to your team when it’s time to buy a new home.

So, we know content marketing is extremely valuable, but how do you go about this strategic marketing approach? The infographic below contains the six main steps in creating and implementing a content marketing strategy for homebuilders.

This infographic provides a brief overview of the implementation of a content marketing strategy, but what kind of content will your prospective homebuyers find valuable? It can be overwhelming to determine where to start in the content ideation process, that’s why we recommend starting with a simple brainstorm of common questions homebuyers would like answered.

For example, your target audience may want to read content regarding tips and tricks for selling a home, décor and design, the benefits of owning a home, how to manage a mortgage, and the list goes on. Buying a home is the largest purchase anyone will make; therefore, homebuilders have a significant opportunity to educate and inform prospective homebuyers with meaningful content, that will ultimately build trust and establish your company as a reputable brand within the industry.

In order to achieve the highest engagement, we recommend utilizing a variety of mediums to share your content with your audience. This content may take the form of blog posts, social media posts, articles, videos, or infographics, all with the common goal to inform and educate your audience on topics that are meaningful to them. Start off slow with one or two pieces of content per week and as you get more comfortable and are able to refine your process, continue to expand your content marketing strategy. Although it can be intimidating to introduce a new component to your marketing strategy, we believe these six steps are the perfect place to start.

We hope you found this engaging piece of content educational and informative! (See what we did there?)

– The OpenHouse.ai Team

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