Transforming Homebuilding with AI

Connect, predict, and optimize. Harness the future of home sales today with OpenHouse's suite of AI tools. Increase profitability, streamline operations, and delight customers.


The Power of Prediction: Your 90-Day Strategic Advantage

Anticipate your changing market conditions and make pivotal decisions that drive profitability with’s OpenPredict. From pricing strategies to resource allocation, see how our clients have achieved measurable success


Understanding AI
in Homebuilding

Transform the way you engage with homebuyers. OpenConnect’s AI-driven insights seamlessly guide you through understanding buyer preferences and optimizing engagement strategies, promising a more personalized and satisfying homebuying journey. Experience the future of customer interaction today.


Leverage buyer behavior to
drive decision making

Our platform understands how your home buyers engage with your brand online to provide real-time insights into your market. Use these insights to close more sales, ensure you’re building the right product, and to deliver a world-class customer experience.


See Tomorrow's Market Today

Secure your margins and plan with confidence. OpenPredict gives you a 90-day market foresight, enabling strategic decision-making that propels growth.


Customer Insights to Drive Conversions

Connect with buyers precisely where they are. OpenConnect transforms clunky websites into high-conversion paths, ensuring every lead is a step closer to closing.


The Blueprint for Production Perfection

Harness the power of AI to optimize your resources and processes with OpenFlow.


Profit Calculator

Estimate Your Gains” An interactive calculator where users can input basic data to estimate potential profit increase or cost savings by using OpenHouse’s tools.

Hear from Our
Home Builders

"They have taken the time to deeply research builder business needs.They are transforming the homebuying and homebuilding process and we are proud to partner with them and bring innovation to our market."

Lindsay McGregor,
COO, Hopewell

"OpenHouse and a human touch allows us to connect with our buyers on a deeper level, understanding their preferences and guiding them through the home buying process more effectively."

Bailey Neil,
Founder, Legacy South

"I can trust and their team to create the best digital shopping experience for my customers."

Delia Teo,
Pacesetter Homes

AI Insights for Homebuilders

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