Our AI-powered marketing platform works behind the scenes of your website to collect real-time behavioral data to empower confident decision making. As a homebuilder, you can leverage our platform to optimize marketing spend, improve operational planning, and promote data-driven sales and marketing procedures.



Boost Engagement with Prospective Home Buyers

OpenHouse.ai supports you in fostering meaningful relationships with your prospective homebuyers. Our AI-powered Engagement Platform is able to customize search results for each unique visitor on your website — so they can find what they want, faster. The platform also learns and adapts to each website visitor to suggest communities and floor plans tailored to their needs, wants and motivations. But that’s not all, by harnessing behavioural data, our marketing platform understands each customer’s path to purchase, and automates timely nudges to increase the likelihood of conversion for each user that reaches your site.

Gain Valuable Insights for Strategic Decision-Making

The OpenHouse.ai Insights Dashboard provides a birds eye view of your customers and operations. We pair your real-time behavioural data with changing market trends to provide the most current and relevant insights into your customers and communities. One of the most valuable insights the platform provides is our location intelligence technology. These comprehensive analytics allow you to narrow down your community, floor plans, and demographic data down to the census block or postal code. Giving you the information your team needs to best customize your marketing decisions per geographic region.

Lead the Pack with AI-Powered Insights & Data

  • Make high impact decisions faster by utilizing our system to quickly identify customer-specific data empowering you to accurately and confidently segment, target and communicate with each potential home buyer.
  • Match the optimal home design to your buyer’s motivations, preferences and needs. Our marketing platform helps you to advance sales by confidently selecting the right showhome and floor plans for each segment.
  • Deliver personalized home recommendations for each unique website visitor. Harness the power of behavioural science and machine learning to offer a customized experience to accelerate your sales cycle.
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Digital Transformation For Home Builders

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