Calling all home builders!

Do you want to improve home buyer conversion?

Looking for Answers? We Got'em!

1. Why is the buyer looking for a home?

Gain insights into individuals' motivation for moving, budget, timing, priorities, and preferences

2. Which leads should you prioritize?

Identify the leads that are most likely to convert and spend your resources there

3. What should you be building?

Let data drive your decisions, allowing you to make market-driven product decisions

Sales Representative's Dashboard for Success!

OpenHouse.AI is a cloud-based platform that enables builders to make data-driven decisions. With our AI technology, you can now understand your customers' motivations and behaviour before they even visit your showhome.


"How real estate succeeds in the next decade will fully rely on the changing habits of the home buyer...One startup is paving the way for this disruption and is challenging the players."