Future-Proofing Home Building with AI

Hopewell Residential is leveraging AI to gain critical insight into buyer behaviour and a shifting market.

As part of the Hopewell Group of Companies, Hopewell Residential has been building homes and creating communities across Alberta for over 30 years. It has created desirable communities in Calgary, Edmonton, and Airdrie, including Mahogany, Hopewell’s master-planned, National Community of the Year award winner, and one of Calgary’s best-selling new communities since 2013. As a fast-growing community developer and home builder, Hopewell recognized the need for innovation in the residential construction industry. Partnering with OpenHouse.ai, they embarked on a journey to redefine the traditional homebuying experience and gain valuable insights into their unique market with AI-driven predictive analytics.

The Hypothesis

By integrating AI into their processes, Hopewell Residential aimed to enhance the homebuying journey for modern consumers while gaining a competitive edge through predictive modeling and market foresight. They believed that by leveraging OpenHouse.ai’s platforms and familiarity with the home building industry, they could:

  • streamline operations
  • personalise experiences
  • adapt to evolving market conditions more effectively

The Transformation

Hopewell Residential’s partnership with OpenHouse.ai has already begun to yield transformative results. By leveraging AI-powered solutions, they are meeting buyers where they are, offering a seamless online experience that caters to individual needs, lifestyles, and budgets. OpenHouse.ai’s predictive modelling provides invaluable insights into Hopewell’s particular market trends, enabling the company to make data-driven decisions regarding pricing, promotions, and product offerings.

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Looking Ahead

The collaboration between Hopewell Residential and OpenHouse.ai represents a paradigm shift in the homebuilding industry. It demonstrates the immense potential for home builders to drive meaningful improvements and stay ahead of the curve by embracing innovative technologies. 

By embracing AI, Hopewell is enhancing the customer experience while also optimizing construction processes, reducing waste, and staying ahead of market shifts.


  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Optimized processes
  • In-depth market insights


As OpenHouse.ai continues to evolve its products to closely meet home builders’ needs, the partnership ensures that Hopewell remains at the forefront of innovation, and profitability, in the real estate sector.

"Working with OpenHouse.ai has helped evolve our business considerably. They have taken the time to deeply research builder business needs and have turned that knowledge into a tech stack that not only provides a better consumer experience but enhances business processes at the same time. They are transforming the homebuying and homebuilding process and we are proud to partner with them and bring innovation to our market."
- Lindsay McGregor, Chief Operating Officer at Hopewell Residential

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