Benefits and Features

Shorten the sales cycle for home builders and buyers with the power of AI


Your website learns and grows with every interaction, organically narrowing down homebuyers search to homes in the price range, style, and community they want.


Our user-friendly dashboard uses descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to help you understand homebuyers to create a repeatable and scalable customer experience.


Follow your customer’s path to purchase to understand a homebuyer’s stage of life, motivations, and needs.


Automation of data will compile, organize, and analyze in real-time to ensure you stay ahead of the trends.

“OpenHouse has been able to provide a new perspective to myself and the team here at Trico. I feel like it is going to streamline a lot of the stuff I currently do and it’s also going to provide a lot of extra information that will help us make decisions a lot faster. They’ve also helped us find that balance of what to give and what not to, with how people do research and what they expect. Just from the information we are able to see, we’ll be able to understand who our best leads are, and it will allow us to use our time more wisely and increase our chances of conversion”

Wanda Palmer – Vice President Marketing, Trico Homes

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