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Openhouse.ai is shaking up the traditional real estate model by challenging builders, realtors and home buyers to think differently about real estate transactions. Using cloud-based data and a feature rich web platform Openhouse.ai is empowering buyers and sellers to make better and faster real estate decisions through clarity and transparency of data.

Nicholas Dureault - CRO

With more than 15 years leading high-performance teams ranging from Military, Corporate, and Agency, Nick brings his experience and passion in Sales and Marketing to help solve the complex challenges of new home builders and land developers.

Yanky Li - President

Yanky Li has a goal that drives him – balancing business problems with technology solutions. As a Chartered Professional Accountant and a Project Management Professional, Yanky has led many successful global projects with that goal in mind.

Will Zhang - CEO

Armed with both a Masters in Business Analytics and degrees in Software Engineering, Will has been spearheading technology initiatives for over a decade within the utility, finance, energy and accounting sectors both in Europe and North America.

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